Hold onto your knickers Addictees!

We’re are delighted to announce our partnership with painter, sculptor, designer and illustrator, Billy Ma. We’re so excited we could pee rainbows – promise we won’t, just saying we could…

Born in Taiwan, raised in Canada and now living in Singapore with his lovely Mrs – Amy – Billy, boss of Booda Brand, is sharing his beautiful, limited edition prints with us. Click here for Mr Ma’s bio.

Addicted already has many happy Billy clients with pieces hanging proudly throughout Singapore and scattered across the planet.

We have lots of images to stimulate your eyeballs with so we’ll keep our ‘blah blah’ short and let the work speak for itself. This will keep our blog from getting ‘bigly’ (is this how you use it?). It’s going to be ‘yuge’! Sorry, couldn’t help ourselves…

The Philosophy

Billy stands by a set of principles which guide Booda Brand.

This is where we feel the need to say: The first rule of Booda Brand is: “The art must be beautifully crafted. Too often we see artists who can barely draw a stick figure.”

The second rule of Booda Brand is: “THE ART MUST BE BEAUTIFULLY CRAFTED. Too often we see artists who can barely draw a stick figure.”

Now we have images of a shirtless, sweaty Brad Pitt alla Fight Club in our head (well, at least one of us does)…
Inhale, regroup, refocus!

“2. The art must have an inspirational idea and/or soul. Do we need another variation on a portrait of Marilyn Monroe?

3. The printing and the materials must be museum quality. Our inks are guaranteed not to fade for at least 50 years and each artwork is printed on archival paper.

4. The artwork should be accessible while limiting the editions to as low as possible.

5. We make art for people in the hope that it can make a difference and somehow give back. This is of upmost importance to us at Booda Brand.”

Now that you know you’re in good hands, let us guide you towards the light by introducing you to the wonderful works of Billy Ma.

Pride of Ownership Mark (POOM for short)

Keep your peepers peeled for the “pride of ownership mark” (a watermark in the print) – a secret known only to Booda Brand art buyers. And now you know. So basically what we’re saying is, buy several or we’ll have to kill you. One of us is Italian and has ‘connections’…

To explain a little more – about the watermark, not Italian ‘connections’ – here’s Billy. “It is the original logo of my head (there are two versions – see below). It can also be regarded as an additional security feature. The head is in plain site in earlier prints but becomes less obvious in my later work.”

Billy Ma - POOM

The Works

Sexy Sin City – Singapore Series

Billy Ma - Sexy Sin City - Singapore Series

Titles: “Singapore“, “Little India“, “Haji Lane“, “Tiong Bahru“, “Chinatown

Arty-Fact: The Sexy Sin City Series shares an image of Singapore drawn from the vibrant seductive past of the city’s iconic neighbourhoods. The style and image of the work juxtaposes the passionate raucous nature of a young Singapore against its decidedly less charismatic and creative modern self. The series explores the irony of a city once so impassioned and now struggling to cultivate artistry and creativity in the wake of its own ambition.

Wanderlust Series

Billy Ma - Wanderlust

Titles: “Saigon Girl“, “Electric Bangkok“, “Shanghai Deco“, “Hong Kong Exotic“, “Tutto Bali“, “Balinese Offering“, “Welcome to Bali


Saigon Girl: The people of Ho Chi Minh City still call it Saigon. Colonialism aside, the blend of the French and Vietnamese culture makes Saigon an exotic gem in Asia. The art nouveau style represents the delicious sinuous noodles from the iconic lacquered egg shell bowl of famous pho noodles. The lines undulate up to form the chaotic jumble of the utility lines that echoes the same chaotic symphony of the traffic below.

Electric Bangkok: The electricity of Bangkok is something to behold. As the only Asian culture not formerly colonized by foreign interests, it has preserved its own sense of identity. From the life-giving Chao Praya river to the iconic yuk yuk, to the fervour of a Muay Thai match, there is no city like Bangkok.

Shanghai Deco: The 30’s and 40’s in Shanghai was a cultured and daring era. Beautiful curvaceous women of strength and sophistication were “de rigueur”. The Shanghai Deco style in design and architecture stood as a beacon of Shanghai’s refinement. Today as Shanghai forges ahead in the name of progress, its historical aesthetic is casually forgotten.

Hong Kong Exotic: Hong Kong Exotic salutes the exotic blend of British elegance with Asian urbanity. As Hong Kong grapples with its relationship with China, its identity comes under threat. The pulse of the city rises from the haze with its energy flowing from the fragrant harbour … for now.

Tutto Bali: Beautiful Bali balances between tourism and tradition. A thriving tourist driven economy versus environmental responsibility and traditional values has arrived at a critical junction. It seems Bali today is in more need of protection than it ever has. The traditional Rangda mask has always provided that protection spiritually. Hopefully we’ll see Bali return to its spiritual centre. ‘Tutto Bali’ as the Italians say.

Balinese Offering: The Canang Sari is the daily offering made by Balinese Hindus to thank the Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa in praise and prayer. But when they are carelessly trampled by droves of over eager tourist shoppers, it is a bigger indication of the almighty tourist dollar taking precedence over cultural preservation.

Welcome to Bali: Welcome to paradise! Best price for you! The struggle between the serene and beautiful culture offered by Bali versus the over commercialism and graft in the name of progress. Not to mention the environmental crisis……but it’s all here waiting for you and the mighty tourist dollar.

Spiritus Series

Billy Ma - Spiritus Series

Titles: “Motorcycle Zen“, “Instant Karma – Blue“, “Instant Karma – Gold


Motorcycle Zen: Principle artist behind Booda Brand, Billy Ma celebrated his 50th birthday on top of a Royal Enfield military motorcycle in the Himalayas of Nepal. The journey of a lifetime… Motorcycle Zen is the result of that spiritual journey.

Instant Karma (Blue & Gold): An ironic scenario that understands karma to be a life-long practice and pursuit. Yet today we all want everything instantaneously just like our instant noodle soup.

Festivus Series

Billy Ma - Festivus

Titles: “Songkran“, “Holi


Songkran: Songkran is the Thai New Year’s water festival. It represents a purification and washing away of one’s sins and bad luck.

Holi: Holi is a Hindu spring festival in India and Nepal also known as the Festival of Colours or the Festival of Sharing Love. The celebration signifies the victory of good over evil, the arrival of spring, end of winter and for many, a festive day to meet others, play and laugh, forget and forgive and repair broken relationships.

Socio-Politicking Series

Billy Ma - Politicking

Titles: “Majulah!“, “Chasing Poverty“, “Gunz & God“, “Aequitas Romantica


Majulah!: Majulah is Singapore’s motto, “upward and onward”. Majulah pays homage to the imported foreign workers on whose back the bright, shiny city is built. Their symbol is the ubiquitous yellow rubber boots. If you look long enough, you’ll see their twisted bodies holding up the Lion City.

Chasing Poverty: In many parts of Asia, the value of a human life still doesn’t amount to much. Booda Brand has always believed “the measure of an advanced society is directly proportional to how it cares for its most vulnerable”. Chasing Poverty explores Asian culture with its ‘profit at all costs’ mentality. As Asia is now a global economic player, how has the once hopeful dreams of the rickshaw to provide for his family changed?

Gunz & God: A continuing series that examines the absurdities of today’s socio-political world. Gunz and God merely asks profoundly if a loving and caring God had given man the right to bear arms as outlined in the USA’s 2nd Amendment. The imagery depicts the very instance when God touches the hand of Adam in Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel mural, thus giving him life. Instead we have God handing Adam a bullet to go forth and propagate violence and killing. In the background, you have the relentless military industrial complex. Cherubs with kevlar vests symbolizing innocent lost souls as well as the dove of hope and peace.

Aequitas Romantica: Booda Brand’s visual interpretation of gender equality across a multitude of cultures. Aside from the obvious symbol of men and women, there are various motifs from many ethnicities. The eye encourages an awakening with the hopes of complete equality taking flight one day.

Art With Purpose

Billy Ma - Art With A Cause

Titles: “Saving Gaia“, “Fukushima Hero – Day“, “Fukushima Hero – Night


Saving Gaia: It had to be done… Big palm oil dollars. Impoverished farmers who have no recourse but to clear burn for this cash crop to survive. Endangered wildlife in peril and unbreathable air choking the life out of the disenfranchised. It’s always easier to complain than take action. Is our apathy killing Mother Gaia?

Fukushima Hero (Day & Night): In March 2011, the world stood still and watched as the Japanese people faced extraordinary circumstances. Fukushima Hero pays homage to the unique strength and indomitable spirit of those (The Fukushima 50) who made the ultimate sacrifice to contain and clean up the aftermath despite the long-term ramifications.

Cloud Dance

Billy Ma - Cloud Dance

Titles: “Cloud Dance – Red“, “Cloud Dance – Blue

Arty-Fact: A visual blend of art deco against a central motif of soft organic forms bordering on the surreal.

Geisha Girls

Geisha Girls A4 jpg

Title: “Geisha Girls“

Arty-Fact: Traditionally Geishas are an enduring image of Japan. Geisha Girl Power portrays the Geisha as a metaphor for the rapid collision of Eastern and Western influences via globalization.

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